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Film Crew

Shaheen Dill-Riaz is a team player. The success of each of his films depends on intensive creative collaboration with many trusted partners. Here, he introduces some of them.

Ralf Schlotter – Cameraman

Berlin, Germany | Collaboration: Side by Side, Zugzwang

“Ralf accompanied me since I enrolled at our film school, the HFF Babelsberg. He observed me very closely. His keen interest in distant reality was why I chose him to work in Afghanistan with me. He is a hungry traveler and would probably even go to Siberia with me, if I wanted to shoot there.”

Sukanta Majumdar – Soundman / -Editor / -Designer

Kolkata, India | Collaboration: Side by Side

“Sukanta collects sounds like some people collect stamps or coins. He also has a very good ability to explore the unknown. Sound recording doesn’t come to the foreground while he works. He does his job quietly and helps you most of all observing things that you probably missed – his ears see things.”

Siddiq Barmaq – Filmmaker / Author / Producer

Kabul, Afghanistan | Collaboration: Side by Side

“I had the honor to receive Mr. Barmak’s kind advice and patronage during my shooting in Afghanistan. I would recommend to everyone who wants to work in Afghanistan to get in touch with him. His kind consultancy saved us from many disasters during the shooting in Kabul.”

Siddiq Barmak at Wikipedia

Ishtiaque Zico – Filmmaker / Producer

Dhaka, Bangladesh | Collaboration: The Projectionist

“Zico offered the most reliable support during my shootings in Bangladesh. I wish he himself would also receive such wonderful support from his fellow filmmakers. He is the rare combination of innovation and organization in a single person. If any one from Europe wants to shoot in Bangladesh or in India, Zico is the guy you need!”

Tobias Fleig – Soundmixer

Cologne, Germany | Collaboration: The Projectionist

“The audience doesn’t go to the movies to listen to the sound, they come to watch a film”. This is Tobias’ basic motto, which drives his creative work. His subtle approach to deal with the soundtrack of a film always bears a sense of modesty. I am looking forward to working with him on any future project of mine.”

Daud Wohab – Filmmaker / Author / Producer

Kabul, Afghanistan | Collaboration: Side by Side

Daud’s humor would be able to bring the most depressed guy to laugh. He knows too many people in Afghanistan. You have to hide him from public exposure, otherwise you would not be able to utilize his good advice. Someone else will just lure him away before you even notice. I would highly recommend his production support for any shooting in Afghanistan.

Andreas Zitzmann – Editor

Berlin, Germany | Collaboration: The Happiest People in the World, Ironeaters, Korankinder, The Networker, The Projectionist

“Andreas is a very passionate editor, and an enthusiastic story-teller. I always admire his wonderful sensibility to discover the potentials in the raw-material of a film. He has been the perfect partner during the making of five of my films. Without him, they would have definitely turned out differently.”

Muhammad Abuds Satter (Ripon) – Soundman / -Editor / -Designer

Aachen, Germany | Collaboration: The Happiest People in the World, Ironeaters, Korankinder, The Projectionist

“A sensible soundman who admires the „audible silence“. Ripon started recording sound for me long before he became a soundman, at least as early as of 1994, when I was shooting my short fiction film „Dinantay“. He has been my partner ever since and we made four films together.”