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Here is a selection of articles about Shaheen Dill-Riaz and his films in English. 

Korankinder (2009)

“There are many generalisations, that Islamic schools are instrumentalised for political ends, that radical groups use them for their own purposes. That is also true in part. But that’s not what my film is about. I wanted first of all to get to know the Koran schools and to gain a deeper insight into what goes on there. Where do the madrassas come from? What do they have to do with our history on the Indian subcontinent? What role do they play today in Bangladeshi society?”

Isolation as Driving Force behind Extremism. In: Qantara, 2009

Ironeaters (2007)

“They work plate by plate, until these giants made of thousands of tons of metal have
disappeared and the raw materials go back into circulation in the global economy. If the worker is still alive, he sends a few hundred takas – a couple of euros – back to his family. It is a quiet film, deeply sad but restrained. Dill-Riaz does not confront us with opinions; he
always allows space for observation…”

In the footsteps of Wim Wenders. In: The Asia Pacific Times, 2008

Side by Side (2012) & The Projectionist (2012)

“…His films also show Dill-Riaz’s ability to show the dreams and desires of people who in many cases at the fringes of society and had to fight for their survival…  In the middle of all of these personal and social conflicts, stands Dill-Riaz, carefully watching the lives of these extraordinary protagonists. The people are the center of story and not their circumstances…”

Extraordinary people make Dill-Riaz’s films. In: Deutsche Welle (DW) by Debarati Guha