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Welcome Everybody!

Here we are, folks! I made it! I proudly present to you this brand-new blog at From now on, this is where I will share all the thoughts and experiences I encounter during my cinematic journeys.

In all these years, while making a couple of films and showing them all over the world, I often met people, saw things and observed or lived through incidents that were unique in their nature. I would never be able to accommodate all these wonderful moments in my films.

The things we see, smell and hear

Writing, I thought, would be an excellent way to share them with you. Many times, I have seen images that in a sense weren’t visible. And I’ve heard sounds that were not really audible. I believe only words can articulate their existence and intensity.

The great painter Paul Cezanne once said, “You have to hurry, if you want to see something. Everything is disappearing.”

Observing, living and sharing are the most important activities we do in our daily lives. Maybe not everyone does it in this order. Some do it better than others. And many are probably not even aware of the acts they perform. But I believe these activities, their influence and the resulting consequences define our individual lives.

The moment I start to write about an ongoing event, image, sound or smell, it’s already gone. What you get is just a memory. But the moments I write about are worth to be remembered I hope. Maybe you will tell me if they are really that worthy. I am always fascinated by the fact that every one of us sees and hears the same thing differently.

I really believe that multiple perceptions can prolong the existence of anything – no matter how ordinary it may seem. You just have to focus on the things from your very own point of view and it will soon transcend into multiple dimensions. Is there any moment in life which is not worthy to be remembered?

Stay tuned for more!

Now for those of you who are eager to find out more about me, you will find some great info about my work and my background on this blog. And make sure to get me some of your feedback! I am looking forward to expanding this blog, and your comments and remarks will help me a lot in this regard. To drop a line in the comment section you can easily connect with your Facebook or twitter accounts.

I’d also like to extend my gratitude to Simon Klingert and Isabel Dixkes for their intensive work to develop the blog in such a short time.

Right now, I am at the Hof International Film Festival, where I will present two new films of mine, The Projectionist and Side by Side. Both will air on German TV soon, so be sure not to miss them!

I will post from here as frequently as I can. You will hear from me very soon!

All the best,

– Shaheen

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  1. Hi Shaheen,
    greetings from Susanne Eschke and Frank Geraets. I am an artist and cultural anthropologist. Susanne recommended me, to contact you. She dreams of a movie made by you, about my global guerilla-tree planting project. But the project is still very much in the beginning, first steps for institutionalizing the plantamundi network and the foundation in some weeks.

    I am in the movie business anyway, which possibly she didn’t know. Actually I am assistant producer of a movie about smuggling in Kambodia. The movie will be ready soon.

    I like your engaged work. We have enough themes to talk about. I want to be in Cologne, 29.7. to meet you at the premiere of Bamboo Stories.

    Best Wishes, Folker Haman

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